FreeHR company ( hr-freelance.com ) is the combination of cutting-edge technologies. This site is perfect for both large and small business owners. We connect employers, recruiters, and recruiting agencies in one place!

Objectives of the site include:

– Rendering assistance to employers in finding the recruiters who will be able to fill their vacancies quickly.
— Rendering assistance to a recruiter to find an order remotely and get paid for its execution
— Helping a recruiting agency to quickly execute their orders with the help of freelance recruiters
Our mission:

To simplify the recruiting process and bring it to a new level!

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What is FreeHR for a freelancer?

+Comfortable working conditions at home
+Flexible working hours you choose for yourself.
+Work in the international labor market, with foreign employers
+Opportunity to improve and develop, while trying new activities that will bring more profit
+Site makes it possible to find a job search orders
+No bosses

Why do recruiters choose HR freelance?


The times have changed, and now any specialist who is contracted to perform both short-term and long-term work without joining the permanent staff has the status of a freelancer. Recruiting of freelancers is the future that has already come 🙂

What does FreeHR offer for an employer?

+ Cooperation with freelancers is cheaper than with the agencies
+The company independently sets the amount that will be paid for the job
+Search for an employee through HR professionals is faster and more efficient compared to the search for employees across 1-2 advertising platforms
+ Opportunity to cooperate with many different recruiters who will search for the applicants on different portals, which will allow you to quickly expand the scope of the search
+ Quick search for an employee. The more people are searching for an employee the faster they can find one, right?:)

Why do companies choose HR freelance?


The first reason is the price. The agency charges at least 30% more. The company needs income to maintain additional employees (managers, accountants, cleaners), advertising, rental of premises, taxes. And the agency owner wants to earn some money too. Freelancers work for themselves and are ready to work for less money.

The second reason is a wide choice of executors. There are many more freelancers than companies providing the same services. You can find a narrowly focused specialist for the minimum money and within the shortest terms. Another advantage of freelancing is flexibility. No company will execute your order over a night, on weekends, or overnight on January 1

What does FreeHR offer for an employment agency?

+Quick search for employees for their customers
+Freelancers will gladly work with a reliable agency, as it always has a lot of vacancies
+Starting agencies can search for their first orders here
+ Opportunity to take more orders and appoint recruitment tasks to freelancers.

Why do recruitment agencies choose HR freelancing?


Recruitment agencies will be in their element on this website. A starting agency will be able to find the first orders here and feel the real atmosphere of recruiting. A major agency will be able to take more orders and appoint them to freelancers, thereby increasing the profit thanks to quick search for the workers.